Emergency Electrician

Emergency Electrician

Ruby Electrical offers support for our Gold Coast clients providing an efficient service to keep your home or business operating with minimal downtime. Our emergency response team aims to have a qualified electrician at your door within the hour. We will also guide you through minimising any further damage to your home until our electrician arrives on site.

Emergency Electrician

At Ruby Electrical, our team is committed to providing our valued customers with top quality electrical service, on time and within budget. Our electricians have seen it all, which means a quicker diagnosis and repair for you, saving both time and money!

Our electrician will be able to handle whatever your emergency may be. From a blown fuse, to a strange burning smell, a blaring alarm that won’t shut up or no hot water. Whatever your emergency is, our expert electrician will fix it fast!

We understand that lighting and electrical issues can pop up without any notice, which is why the Ruby Electrical team is the electrician that Gold Coast clients love! We provide fast service, top quality results, and you’ll always be dealing with an electrician who is professional and courteous.

Our team have experience with a range of out of hours services, including:

All our jobs are undertaken in accordance with government regulations as well as our own personal company aim to only deliver the highest work ethic, integrity and safety standards. You can trust our team to handle any on-site issue that arises.

Your Local emergency Electrician

Electricity does like to stop working at the worst times, which means it is usually cold, dark and after normal trading hours when something stops working.

Just give Ruby Electrical a call when you have an electrical emergency, we understand that time is of the essence. Our experienced electrician will get there fast to  ensure that your property stays safe. Don’t be left in the dark or cold! Let Ruby Electrical get you back in the light and get your hot water running again quickly!

The mission of Ruby Electrical is to provide insurance companies and their customers with the highest quality, attention to detail repairs, whilst offering clear, honest and personal channels of communication to all involved. This commitment results in unparalleled levels of customer service and satisfaction.

So don’t delay! For Electrician that Gold Coast homes and businesses can rely on, choose Ruby Electrical! CALL NOW ON (07) 5598 8490!

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